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Breeding refers to housing animals in specific stables so that they can reproduce. When Taming Collars are used on the appropriate animal, Pocket Animals will be transferred into your inventory. To put the animal into the stable, simply hold it in your hand and tap the stable.

Each stable can hold up to three animals, although if you want the animals to reproduce you should leave one space open.
To view a stable's interface, simply tap on the stable. This will open a screen which shows each animal, their relative happiness, and a space for food.

To keep animals happy all you need to do is keep some of the appropriate food in the stable, the animals will eat it whenever they're hungry.

Be careful that the animals can't stray too far away from their home, or they will disappear.
Animals must be kept within 10 blocks of their stable, this can be done with doors, fences, blocks, or whatever else you can think of.

Stable Types

Each stable houses only one type of animal, and can hold three of that type.

Farm Stables

Pet Stables

Breeding New Animals

When a male and a female in the same stable are well-fed and happy, there is the chance that they will breed and make a baby.
Keep the baby well fed for a while longer and it will grow into an adult. Babies can grow to be either gender, there's no way of telling until they grow.

  • Baby sheep are grey, but will generally grow up to be the same color as their parents.
  • Chickens will sometimes produce eggs. These are a bonus, and not related to babies (I guess now we know, the chicken came first).
  • Cows will sometimes drop milk buckets.