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Dig blocks, search for treasure, build your humble shelter or huge castle, fight monsters and find portals which lead to new worlds!

This guide will teach you the basics of the game.

Destroying Blocks

Almost everything can be destroyed by tapping on it.
Tap some trees and start gathering wood, useful to craft basic items.

Gathering Resources

Blocks drop useful resources, needed by many craft recipes.
In the world you will find crates and chests. They can contain treasures, weapons, and much more!


Moving Around

Moving your character is easy. Just slide your finger in the direction you want to move.


When you are near the edge of a block you can do a dash jump by swiping diagonally, up or down.

Breaking Blocks

Tap blocks repeatedly to break them
Enable the 'hold to break' option in the main menu to break blocks by holding your finger on them.

Climbing Ladders

To climb ladders, just swipe up or down.
You can dash jump from ladder edges.


Swimming is allowed in blocks full of liquid.
To swim, swipe in the desired direction.
Keep breath under control and remember that some liquid hurt you!



The inventory contains your backpack, the crafting table - addons, and the equip panel.


For a more detailed explanation see the Craftbook page. The craftbook contains all available crafts and the guide.
If simple crafting is enabled the craftbook is also used to craft items.


The map shows an overview of the world.
You can zoom the map further back by holding your finger on the screen when it is opened.


You have some slots to the right of the screen.
These are called 'quickslots' and are used to hold items and have quick access to them.
Tap a quickslot to select it.


The chat button is only available in multiplayer.
Use it to chat with other people!


Crafting is the ability to create items using more basic ones.

Many recipes require an Addon (such as a workbench) to be crafted. To use an addon you can either stand directly in front of it and open your inventory, or stand adjacent to the addon and tap on it. The background of the crafting area (not visible with Simple Craft enabled) will change, according to which addon you're using.


Crafting recipes can be discovered by consuming Craft Notes. You can view the crafting recipes you have unlocked by tapping the book icon on the lower-left to access the crafting book. Here you can also see how many undiscovered recipes there are left.

If you are playing with Standard crafting, you do not necessarily need to have a recipe unlocked to be able to craft it. As long as you know the recipe (i.e. you looked it up online, or have the recipe memorized), you can craft it regardless of whether you have unlocked it yet. However, if you are playing using Simple Craft, you can only craft items if you have the recipe unlocked.

Craft Notes

Craft notes have a small chance to drop when breaking any block. Breaking Crates is good way to find craft notes as they drop from crates more frequently than other blocks. Tapping and holding on a crafting note in your inventory will consume it, and add the recipe to your crafting book.

A gif of a craft note in a player's inventory. The player taps on the craft note to use it, and the game then displays the crafting recipe that was unlocked.

Standard Crafting VS Simple Crafting

Junk Jack has two different methods of crafting. Standard crafting is the default, but if you wish you may enable Simple Crafting instead.

Standard Crafting

Standard crafting is the default method of crafting. It is done by arranging items in a specific pattern within the 3x3 interface on the right side of the inventory. Then tap the button to craft one; or hold it to craft many (if you placed enough resources in the grid).

A feature unique to standard crafting is that the 10 slots of the crafting grid in your inventory can be used as additional storage space.

In standard crafting mode, the craft book serves as a guide that stores any recipes you have unlocked. You do not need to have a recipe unlocked to craft it, however.

Simple Crafting

When using simple crafting the crafting grid within the inventory disappears, instead crafting is done directly from the craftbook. Simply gather the required resources into your inventory and stand next to the appropriate addon (if necessary). Now open your craftbook and tap the craft button on the item you wish to craft. You must have the recipe unlocked to be able to craft the item.

Using this method individual items will take some time to be crafted, roughly equivalent to the time it would take a user to arrange the items in the standard crafting grid. This works well for crafting a few items, but when crafting large batches of items it will take longer.

The Craftbook

The Craftbook is a small book icon button the the lower left corner of the screen. This contains all recipes currently in the game (or in your current version) and displays the crafting arrangements for items.
The Craftbook can be completed by purchasing the Full Craftbook iAP for $0.99 USD or by finding all possible Craftnotes by breaking blocks along in your adventure(s). The full Craftbook is displayed as the regular Craftbook, but with a gold border to the craftbook icon, instead of the regular silver ot gray border.
Alternatively, if the Craftbook is completed normally, the borders will remian the same, but the craftbook button with have a hammer atop the craftbook icon.


Moving Items

To move an item, just drag it.
If you don't like dragging, enable the 'tap to move' option.

Consuming Items

Hold a finger on a usable item, like fruits or craft notes, to consume it.
If the item is in a quickslot, you can tap to consume it.

Managing Items

Tap a selected item to slip it in two even piles.
Hold your finger on an item to combine all similar items around it in the same slot.

Magnifying Glass

Tap the magnifying glass to keep item name shown for the selected item.

Disposing Items

Tap the trashcan to enable selection of items for disposal.
Select the items you want to dispose of and confirm by tapping the trashcan again.
Single items (and/or single stacks of items) can be disposed of by dragging them onto the trashcan.

Item Categories

Each item has its category shown by a colored border in the inventory.
This option is disabled by default and can be enabled through the 'item outlines' option.

White: Material
Gray: Junk
Green: Consumable
Red: Weapon
Blue: Tool
Purple: Treasure
Yellow: Placeable
Pink: Equip
Orange: Reagent

Throwing Items

To throw an item, drag it out of the inventory panel.
You can also throw items with the inventory closed by holding your finger on the screen where you want to throw it.


Tool Types

Each tool has its own purpose:

  • Shovels, for digging up dirt.
  • Pickaxes, needed to destroy most rocks (and harder blocks).
  • Axes, to chop trees faster.
  • Work Hammers, used to break furniture, chests, and usable items.
  • Hoes, used for tilling soil when farming.

Better Tools

Tools made of metal require an Anvil addon to be crafted.
They break blocks faster, and are more durable depending on the type of metal chosen.


Most crafts require an addon to be crafted. Stand in front of an addon, then tap it, or open the inventory. The crafting grid will be themed according to the addon you are using. There are currently 16 different addons available.


Weapon Types

Weapons are used to fight monster.
There are many different weapons, each one with a particular type of damage: blunt, slash, pierce, and magic.

Monster Defenses

Every monster can have strong defenses against specific damage types. Try find the most effective weapon to kill them!

Better Weapons

Weapons crafted with better materials yield more damage, and have a longer attack range.
Remember that you need to have a clear path to a mob in order to attack it.

Ranged Weapons

Use ranged weapons from a distance.
Tap the screen to shoot! Some ranged weapons require specific ammo, like the bow.
Put ammo in the correct inventory slot before using the weapon.


Equip Slots

You can equip 5 different equip pieces: hats/helms, chest pieces, legs, feet, and trinkets.
Tap the equip label on the lower right of the inventory to access your equip slots.

Equip Types

There are many equippable items that you can find and craft.
Some are just fancy items while other give you benefits.

Equip Damages

There are 4 types of damages:
Sword > slash damage
Maul > blunt damage
Spear > pierce damage
Wand > magic damage

Every weapon, bullet and mob has one specific type.

Equip Defenses

There are 4 types of defenses:
Slash defense
Blunt defense
Pierce defense
Magic defense

Every armor, trinket and mob has different values for each type.

Equip Resistances

There are 5 types of resistances:
Lava resistance
Acid resistance
Breath resistance
Explosion resistance
Fall damage resistance

Every armor and trinket has different values for each type.

Equip Movements

There are 4 types of movement bonuses:
Walk speed
Climb speed
Dash speed
Swim Speed

Every armor and trinket has different values for each type.

Equip Bonuses

Equip pieces can have different bonuses:
> attack bonus increases damage
> defense bonuses reduce damage from mobs and bullets
> resistances reduce damage from special types of damage (up to 100% resistance)
> movement bonuses which increase movement speed

Special Bonuses

There are many stats:

Heart > health (and healing) bonus
For leaf clover > luck
Spike > spike damage
> light glow
> hidden bonuses


When night comes, monsters will spawn.
Build a shelter to protect yourself!
Gather coal from dirt, use it with wood planks to craft some torches.
Remember: most monsters won't spawn in well-lit areas!


Tap a bed to use it as a new spawn point.
If you die you will respawn there.
Tap the bed at night to sleep, this makes you skip the night and restores you health.


How To Build

To build, place a placeable block or item into a quickslot, select it, and tap where you want it to be placed.

Placing Blocks

Back layer is filled before the front one.
Place a block on yourself to automatically jump over it!

Placing Doors And Other Items

Some items, like doors, require to be attached to the block below, above or behind.
If you see a red square you're placing it in the wrong way!


Organize Your Stuff

Chests help you store items gathered in your adventures.
Metal chests hold more objects.
Stack chests and addons by placing them on top of each other.


Grow Plants

Grow wheat, fruit trees and many other types of plants!
Eventually, fruit will grow on plants, tap them with bare hands to make them fall.
Seeds can be in crates underground.

Tilling Ground and Supports

Some plants require tilled soil, that must be prepared with a hoe, while others require specific supports.


How to Use the Forge

Use the forge to smelt ingots, craft glass, or cook meat. Place fuel on the right slot and the item you want to smelt or cook on the left slot.

Forge Fuel

The forge will work automatically as long as there is fuel and items to consume.
There are many fuel types, some are more efficient than others. Try and find out what works efficiently.


Capture Animals

Breeding is used to grow animals in specific stable blocks.
Capture animals with the taming collar.
Tap on the animal with the collar selected, and you will capture it in your inventory.

Stable Animals

To stable an animal, just place it on the appropriate stable block.
Each stable can hold up to 3 animals.

Stable Interface

Tap a stable to see its contents and the status of the respective stabled animals.
The panel shows stabled animals, their gender, and happiness.

Feeding Animals

Place food in the stable slot and your animals will consume it when they're hungry.
Different kinds of animals like different kinds of foods.

Love Is In The Air

Well fed animals of the same stable will breed a baby if there is room available.
Keep animals near their home stables, or they will flee!

Make A Friend

Use a taming collar to catch a dog/cat or another type of animal (however some won't work though!). Then stick it in your tricked slot and it summons your requested animal at your side.


Cooking Foods

Cook a variety of foods with the cooking pot and cooking ware.
Some recipes will need one, or even both of them.
Remember: Cooked food is more effective than uncooked food!

Portal Stones

Travel to Other Dimensions

During your adventure you might find special chests that contain portal pieces.
TO build a portal you need 3 portal pieces.
Remember: Portal chests only spawn in adventure worlds.

Place three pieces in the shown order and a portal will appear.
Tap the portal to travel to a new planet.

E - B - E
B - E - B

E > empty
B > block (portal piece)


Jewelcrafting allows you to encrust your tools, weapons and armors with gems to imbue them with useful powers.

First, you need to cut a gem with the Tinkerer's Tools, then consume the gem and choose what to encrust.

The encrusted item will show the gem icon while in the inventory.

Effects on tools:
Diamond: Increases drop rates
Ruby: Adds more range
Emerald: Increased knock-back
Topaz: Adds more durability
Saphire: Adds light
Amythest: Increases power

Effects on armor:
Topaz: underwater breathing
Sapphire: glowing
Ruby: lava immunity
Emerald: acid immunity
Diamond: a slight increase to defenses
Amethyst: a tiny increase to attacks


Tap a sign to read its contents.
To edit a sign, you need to craft a pencil, then select it and tap the sign to open the edit view.


To trade with someone tap them while holding a trading scale.
Tap the items you want to trade.
Accept the trade by tapping the button. (cancel the trade by tapping the backpack).


Place a furniture frame.
Place a liner on top if it to combine them.
Paint your furniture to make it unique!


Enable the full chemistry book!

Mix and match different reagents to find the recipes!


Using a *fishing pole with various *baits and *lures to find fish! There are even rare fish to find and play with!