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General Guidelines

If you don't know what to edit, refer to this list

  • You don't have to turn every word into a link.
For example, if a page mentions "planks" ten times, you don't have to make it link every time, just the most obvious place (or two).

  • Almost all pages should have one or more images. If it's an item, show it. If it's a placeable block, show both its item and placed forms. help
  • It's unreasonable for ordinary editors to upload images.
Simply put a link to an image even if it doesn't exist and one of the more advanced wiki people (aka TF) will upload it for you.
  • Please avoid using full screenshots to show items.
  • JJX pages should have {{JJX}} at the top of the page.
  • JJ1 pages should have {{JJ1}} at the top of the page.
  • When possible use the name used in the craftbook.
  • Each word in a title should be capitalized, except in very rare circumstances.
  • Before adding information about an update, please wait at least a week, to prevent people coming to the wiki for everything and not actually playing the game.

  • Please place any category tags at the bottom of the page. For example:
    • Breeding
    • Encrusting
    • Farming
    • Plantable
  • If an article is very short, and lacking in information, use the template {{Stub}} at the top of the page (on a seperate line). It automatically puts it in the Stubs category.
  • For general rule of the forum and here, please refrain from posting information or data prior to an update until at least a week has passed.

Item Pages

Should be in at least one of the following categories (the item outlines option in-game helps a bit):

  • Material (used in non-food crafts)
  • Ingredients (used in food crafts)
  • Reagent (used in making potions)

  • Natural Healing (fruit, veggies, potions, bandages...)
  • Crafted Food (anything craftable and consumable)
  • Usable (cut gems, craftnotes...)


  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Mauls
  • Mob Drop Weapons


  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Hammer
  • Hoe


  • Armor (wearable item, which boosts stats)
  • Fancy (wearable item, which does not boost stats)
  • Accessory (equippable accessory)

Block/Placeable Pages

Include best tool (pickaxe, shovel, axe...)
Include minimum tool (iron, silver...)

Should be in at least one of the following categories:

  • Crafted Blocks (Anything that can be made)
  • Biome Blocks (Only found in specific areas)
  • Natural Blocks (Found pretty much anywhere)
  • Transparent Blocks (Can see through, let light through)
  • Furniture
  • Decoration (Adds more detail/depth to builds)


Include behavior: walk/hop, chase?, throws things at you?
Include item drops

Should be in one of the following categories:

  • Critters (non-harmful)
  • Enemies (ouch, it hurt me!)

Basic Things

Basic Formatting

''text here'' (2 apostrophes, not quote marks) Text will be italicised.
'''text here''' (3 apostrophes) Text will be bold.
<br/> Creates a line break. Without this a single press of the return key won't show in the final page.
---- (four dashes) Creates a horizontal line across the page.
~~~~ (four tildes) Inserts your signature. Signatures can be edited in user preferences.
* (asterisk) Creates a bullet point...


[[Wood]] Creates a link to a page within the wiki. Such as Wood
[[Wood | text]] Same as above, but will display the text after the line.
[] Link to an out-of-wiki site.
[ Awesome] (space between link and text) Same as above, but displays "Awesome" instead of the link itself.
[[Category:Something]] (colon between "Category" and name) Adds the page to the Something category. See the top of this page for examples of category names.


When there are 3 or more sections (or sub-sub-sub-sections) on a page an index will be shown at the top of the page, allowing readers to easily skip to a certain section of the page. You can see an example of this on this page "basic things" is a main section, with several sub-sections within it.

=Section= Creates a main section thingie.
==Section== Creates a sub-section thingie.
===Section=== Creates a sub-sub-section thingie.
===========Section=========== Creates a sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-section thingie.

More Advanced Things

Using Templates

Templates are used to display certain information in an exact format.
This is most commonly used to display crafting recipes as images.
For more information go here.

Uploading Images

  • It's unreasonable for ordinary editors to upload images.
Simply put a link to an image even if it doesn't exist and one of the more advanced wiki people (aka TF) will upload it for you.

But if you really have to, you'll need: Decent photo editing software, a bit of knowledge, the original resource files from Junk Jack X app.
Please avoid using screenshots whenever possible.

Pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

1: Crop image to the proper size, centered around what you want.
Blocks should be 30x30 pixels, this means you leave out one pixel of the border.
Inventory items should be 16x16 pixels, with the item in the center and transparent blank space around it (in most cases).

2: Resize the image to double its normal size (so blocks become 60, items become 32).
This should be done using the transform or scale tool in your editor.
Make sure that the image remains clear, if it becomes blurred after resizing try changing the "interpolation" setting of your editor to none, or nearest neighbor.

Note: If you plan on doing lots of images, it saves a step if you resize the full image from JJx to double size before cropping the individual items out.

3: Upload to the wiki. You must be logged in to upload files.
The "upload file" button is just below the search box on the left side of the page.

The uploaded file should be named the same as it is in JJx, use the magnifying glass in the inventory.
Capitalize the first letter of each world. Spaces are automatically turned to underscores.

Inventory items should be preceded by a letter I and end in .png
For example: I_Plank.png or I_Wood_Shovel.png

Blocks should be preceded by a B and end in .png
For example: B_Stone_Bricks.png or B_Sand.png

If you have any questions pertaining to the rules of the wiki please see here> Rules