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Portals allow you to teleport to, and explore, different planets.

On this page:
"Planet" refers to different world types (for example Terra, Seth, or Alba)

"Save" refers to an individual save file, this can either be a single world, or several worlds/planets grouped together into one "Adventure Mode save". So, when you press the "worlds" button on the main menu, each of the things listed there is a "save".

  • There are currently 12 different portals, each leading to a different planet, including to Terra.
  • 3 portal pieces are required to assemble a working portal.
  • Portal pieces can be found in chests underground, you can see these chests below.

B Xeno Portal Chest.png
B Lilith Portal Chest.png
B Magmar Portal Chest.png
B Yuca Portal Chest.png
B Cryo Portal Chest.png
B Tor Portal Chest.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png

  • Portal chests can only be found in adventure mode worlds.
  • There are approximately 15 of these chests in a single world.
  • Each chest will drop exactly 1 portal piece.
  • Each planet contains pieces of the portal for the next planet. So don't expect to find all the portals in one planet.
  • Some planets contain 2 or 3 different types of portal chests.
  • Note: Although graphics exist for the Terra Portal Chest, it doesn't exist anywhere in the game.

Once you find 3 pieces of the same type, place them in the world like so…

B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Seth Portal Piece.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png

...and a portal should be created. If a portal isn't created, keep in mind:

  • Portals only work when built in adventure mode saves.
  • There can't be anything that occupies one block placed in the middle of the triangle.

Now, just stand next to the portal and tap it. You'll be taken to a new planet.

  • On this new planet there will already be a portal, leading back to where you came from.
  • This new planet will contain portal chests, with portal pieces for another new planet (unless you're on the last planet).
  • There can only be 1 of each type of planet per save.
  • No matter where you build a portal (within one save), it will always lead to the same world.

Where to find Portal Chests
Planet Portal chests to
Terra Seth, Umbra
Seth Alba, Thetis
Umbra Alba, Thetis
Alba Yuca, Xeno
Thetis Xeno, Mykon
Mykon Lilith, Tor
Yuca Cryo, Magmar
Xeno Magmar, Lilith
Lilith None
Cryo None
Magmar None
Tor None

Happy adventuring!

The different planets available in Junk Jack.