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Xeno is the fourth planet after Alba available to players. It is known to be the most 'Alien' like planet among the rest, being populated by weird creatures that have a strong resemblance to aliens too. Unlike most planets, it rains acid in Xeno. Large amounts of Amethyst can be found inside Amethyst Caverns. Cryo, Lilith and Magmar portal pieces can also be found in the caves of Xeno. Emerald encrusted equipment is highly recommended when exploring or mining in Xeno due to acid pools and rain.


Relations with Cryo

Frosted Biomes are very common in the caves of Xeno, alongside with the Ice Yetis that populate the ice caverns in these biomes. These are most likely a reference to Cryo.


Xeno is a Greek word meaning 'alien', commonly used as a prefix in other words such as 'Xenophobia'(fear of strange things). The planet is named as such due to its alien theme. It is also possible that it is a reference to the 'Alien' series of movies, in which the titular monsters are also known as 'xenomorphs'.

Getting to Xeno

To first reach Xeno the player must find at least three Xeno portal pieces in Alba. Afterwards the player can then generate stand-alone worlds on Xeno.

B Xeno Portal Piece.png
B Xeno Portal Chest.png
B Xeno Portal Piece.png
B Portal.png
B Xeno Portal Piece.png
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B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
B Dirt.png
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  • Auroras can be seen from Xeno.
  • Alba can be seen from Xeno.
  • Xeno is the first and only planet to have acid rain.