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Beginner's Guide Videos


Beginner's Guide

When you first start out, run around until you find a tree(which shouldn't take more than five seconds) and punch its bottom-most portion until it is destroyed. Walk over the wood, leaves, and saplings it drops to collect them. Now tap the chest on the bottom left corner of the screen. The right portion of it is your crafting area. Drag the wood to it and click/tap craft once. This will give you two wooden planks. Now arrange them in this pattern specified below and click craft:

Notice how the recipe resembles the finished product.

Now equip it by dragging it into one of the five squares on the far right and tapping it. You can now cut trees much faster. Cut more trees, make a shovel and a pickaxe. A sword is a neccesity if you aren't on peaceful(and this guide was made for those who aren't). Use your shovel to dig and collect dirt, equip it, then tap where you want it to go to make a basic shelter. During the night, you will need to use your sword to kill slimes, skulls, and spiders. The next day, make torches using goo from the slimes. Take the slime goo, and put it in your crafting table diagonally across from planks, the planks being in the middle and goo being in the upper left. You can also use coal instead of goo (goo can be used as a dye). Make one set of normal torches, and use your pickaxe to mine some stone. Make tools with stone instead of wood. Now, you probably have some coal and meat to use. Now, you create a forge. First, make a hammer like a pickaxe but without the wood in the upper left. Then put it in the middle of the crafting area, with 2 planks around it and 3 wood below it. With this workbench, you can create items that you couldn't before. Now stand near it and put a 3 by 3 square of stone in it with a coal torch in the middle. You now have a forge! Mine a diagonal strip down to collect resources, build a house, use a hammer to rearrange furniture, and look up on this wiki to found out how to make things.

Strategy Guide

  • Punch lots of Trees - By doing this you will get wood.
    • Make weapons to defend yourself
      • Make a crafting table to create more advanced items.
  • Mine stone to get better tools
  • Try to use extra wood to build a shelter
    • If you do not have any spare materials and darkness looms in on you, try to make a underground base until Day has come.
  • Kill/Interact with animals and monsters, they can drop useful resources sometimes.
    • Make sure you have a sword when Killing Mobs and Enemies.
  • Start to mine, if you are lucky you should find some coal pretty soon.
  • Hit wooden boxes as they have some things in them (e.g. Nails, sprouts)
  • Make more crafting things like, Forges, Anvils, Loom etc.
  • If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to becoming a Junk Jack master!

Quick Survival

Requirements: As much as you have

Dig lots of stuff including coal.

Make lots of tools. You need to dig a lot.

Destroy everything, including trees and chests.

Now turn your wood into planks.

Now make a big house and a bed.

After each night, collect more items to expand your house.

Good luck!

Junk Jack 101

  • Walk until you find a tree (walking is done by pressing jack and dragging him to the side).
  • Get at least three wood pieces by chopping a tree or two (chopping is done by tapping repeatedly on the tree).
  • Equip the axe (by putting it in equips on the hotbar on the right hand side of the screen, and tapping the axe once to equip it).
  • Chop down a couple of more trees to get some more wood to craft a Wood pickaxe.
  • Equip the pickaxe.
  • Find some stone and mine it (mining is done the same way as chopping).
  • Craft a Stone shovel and a Stone pickaxe, and put them on the hotbar.
  • Dig, mine and explore the entire world.
  • Use one of the three worlds as a base where you have your forge, workbench, chests and your other stuff in a base, another world for finding surface materials, and another for mining.
  • If you've mined too much in one world, delete it and start new.
  • First things first, you need to build a home before night, and the best kind of place to build it is on flat land.
  • You can decorate your home any way you'd like.
  • Then you can explore: kill mobs and animal mobs to get food, crafting items, etc..

Useful tips

  • If you get stuck, from falling down into darkness without torches for example, you can start a new world and explore it until you have what you need (torches etc) to return triumphantly to the world you're stuck on.
  • Always keep some dirt in your hotbar. You can use it to box in the mobs, and then kill them from a diagonal square.
  • When you find nails, use them to build chests. You run out of space for all the junk you find really fast.
  • Create on back up with your best items and full health then restore often and back-up only when you have more of one item or better items.
  • When you restore it does not effect the contents of chests you can back-up your inventory put a desirable item in a chest then restore.
  • Always have a sword with you if you are playing on non-peaceful.

Mining Technique - Mining On The Edge

  • If you hit the limit, you can continue to mine but at a cost.
  • Mine away the blocks you want/need at the limit with a tool which can reach that certain block/item.
  • Once you expose that particular block, break or blow up that block.
  • Use the extra blocks on hand to fill in the space beside and under the objective item and push the item(s) towards you. Try to keep a pathway open to collect the item(s).
  • If possible, distance yourself from the explosive to not cause harm to jack!
  • If you don't have it on peaceful mode, torches are advised to light up dark areas to prevent harm to jack.

Happy mining!

Mining Technique - Quick Ore

  • What you need: Torches, Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe and a Sword of course!
  • Create a new world (preferably World 2 or 3 if you use World 1 as your main world.)
  • Dig straight down and place torches in your way down until you find ores.
  • Mine the ores and go to your main world.
  • Go get ingots from the ores using a forge.
  • Make with the ingots the tools/blocks you want.

Happy mining!

Mining Technique - World Devastation

This is a guide on how to fully mine out a world's resources (if you have A LOT of time on your hands).

Items to take with you, Gold Picks, Iron shovels, Golden hammer, Silver Swords, Torches, Dirt/Stone block, Ladders and Food.

HOTBAR-Pick, Shovel, Sword/Hammer (alternate between the two), Dirt/Stone Blocks, Torches.

Start by creating a new world, why new world? Because when your inventory gets full, you can quickly switch over to your main world, deposit your goods, take out necessary items and then return back to your digging world.

After creating a new world, run all the way to either side of the world (you've reached it if you cant go any further). Build a small house so monsters cannot jump down the ladder. Then dig all the way down in a straight line. Placing torches at the same time. If you reach an unbreakable rock, go around then keep digging down again.

Once you've reached the bottom, place ladders all the way back to the top. Then start by going down 7 blocks from the top of your ladder. Put a marker there or dig further right/left. Continue marking every 7 blocks. Why 7? When you use the map you can see 4 and a half blocks above and below you. So on the next marker, you'll be able to expose other things you haven't seen.

When you're finished marking choose a spot where you will start, (starting from the top guarantees a lot of coal for future expeditions). Then mine all the way to the left/right checking your map every 4-5 blocks, the point where you check your map is the point where you place a torch. (So place a torch every 4-5 blocks).

This method is a long grueling method but I have found many resources and rarities like, 3 computer chips, a pac-ghost, tetris piece, ALL paintings and many biome blocks. This also help finding those incredibly rare statue pieces.

The Quick And Easy Life of Junk Jack

  • Setup your World 1 as your main world
    • In W1, place your chests and build your house.
  • Now stay in your house and generate World 2 and 3.
    • Mine World 2 and 3 until you're satisfied.
    • If you run out of torches or inventory space, warp back to world 1.
    • Dump off all your goods, re-stock, and warp back to where you were.

Happy Mining!!!

Mob Health and Weapon Power

There are two factors when killing mobs.

One: mob health
Two: weapon power

If you divide the mobs health by your weapons power, the result if the amount of hits the mob will take before dying.
Say you were attacking a sheep (health 3), with a wooden sword (power 1), it would take 3 hits to kill it.
Attack it with your hands (power 0.33), and it will take 9 hits to kill.
Any tool that isn't a weapon will have the same power as your hands.

Block Hardness and Tool Power

This works the same way as the above, the only difference being, that you have to use the right tool for the right block.
If you don't, it will still take the tools durability down, but it will have the same power as your hands.
This means that you won't be able to break harder blocks (like plate rock) unless you have a strong enough tool of the right type (pickaxe for plate rock, etc).

Blocks have 3 specifications:

  • Hardness: same as mob health
  • Tool: what tool works best
  • MinTool: what is the minimum material needed

ie, a block with hardness: 16
tool: pickaxe
and mintool: silver
would need at least a silver pickaxe, which would break it in 10 hits.


Tools and weapons will both go down 1 durability when they either...

One: break a block
Two: hit a mob


A tool/weapon with 1 range, can break blocks/hit mobs one block away. 2 range = 2 blocks away, etc...