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Plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Many are found naturally growing in the world, while some can only be found as saplings within crates or chests. Every planet has plants endemic to certain biomes or areas. They can be found both aboveground and underground. Plants not found on Terra generally have rather alien or unfamiliar names.

When first planted the plant will be a small sapling, these saplings generally require two things to grow.

  • Light (although a few plants may require a lack of light)
  • Room to grow (only needed for plants that grow over 1 block tall)

Some plants grow in several stages, instead of all at once. There is a chance of instantly growing a plant (through one stage) if you tap it with Bone Dust.

Once grown many plants will grow some sort of fruit on their leaves. This can be knocked off or picked using your Bare Hands. Most fruit can be eaten as is, or used in Crafted Food.


The magical bean is a rare drop from chests.
When planted it will grow upwards until it hits something, and can be used as a ladder.

Caution: Once planted you can not retrieve the sprout.

Interface Hotslot.png
I Magical Bean.png

Magical Bean


Seasonal plants can generally be obtained for a limited amount of time, typically during a seasonal update or rarely by digging specific blocks in each biome year-round. These plants come in the "tiny" form of other plants and do not produce any fruits. They appear to held inside plant pots.

  • Pomegranate Tiny Plant
  • Sunflower Tiny Plant
  • Tulip Tiny Plant

Produce Plants

These plants are generally farmed for fruits and veggies, which are used in cooking recipes.
The sprouts or seeds can be found in crates in any world.
If a grown plant is chopped down there is a 100% chance of getting one sprout back, and a chance of getting another.

Name Maximum Height Destroy To Harvest Harvest By Hand Wood Support Straight Wood Support Tilled Soil
Carrot 1 X X
Lettuce 1 X X
Onion 1 X X
Potato 1 X X
Sugar Cane 2 X X
Wheat 1 X X
Corn 2 X X
Melon 1 X X
Pumpkin 1 X X
Blueberry 1 X
Raspberry 1 X
Strawberry 1 X
Watermelon 1 X X
Grapevine 1 X X X
Hops 1 X X X
Bean 1 X X X
Eggplant 1 X X X
Tomato 1 X X X
Pepper 1 X X X


These are not found in crates, instead they can be found growing naturally in winter biomes on Terra worlds.

Name Maximum Height Destroy To Harvest Harvest By Hand Wood Support Straight Wood Support Tilled Soil
Ginger 1 X X
Peppermint 1 X X
Holly 2 X


Trees are grown using a sapling. Once fully grown, some trees will bear fruits or some other kind of item, such as reagents.

Fruit Trees

These trees are not found naturally in any world, instead you find their saplings in crates or chests.
When planted they grow to a maximum of 2 blocks tall. Once grown fruit will grow on their leaves, this fruit can be picked using your Bare Hands.
If a grown fruit tree is chopped down there is a 100% chance of getting one sapling back, and a chance of getting another.

  • Apple Tree
  • Banana Tree
  • Cherry Tree
  • Cocoa Tree
  • Lemon Tree
  • Orange Tree
  • Peach Tree
  • Pear Tree
  • Papaya Tree

Natural Fruit Trees

These are found growing naturally in the world.
As with the other fruit trees fruit grows on the leaves and can be picked with your Bare Hands, although this can be more difficult because these trees grow taller.

  • Plum Tree
  • Pomegranate Tree
  • Apricot Tree
  • Chestnut Tree
  • Kiwi Tree
  • Mango Tree

Can't Be Regrown

Several plants can't be regrown, and are generally found in underground biomes on the planets. Most of these plants drop items when destroyed which are generally consumable or used as reagents. These items are the only way of knowing the names of the plants.

Planetary Plants

These are mostly just common plants you find growing on different planets.

Terra Plants

  • Trees
    • Tree (Yes, the standard Terra tree is just called a tree)
    • Spruce
    • Cork Oak Tree
    • Date Palm Tree
  • Floral Cactus
  • Limited Time (Halloween)
    • Black Rose
    • Eerie Tree
    • Doll's Eye (Can be found on Umbra's Graveyard Biome)

Seth Plants

  • Palm Tree
  • Bamboo
  • Cactus
  • Papyrus
  • Phaoria
  • Canadia
  • Mitella Aculeatus
  • Yellow Typha

Umbra Plants

  • Doll's Eye
  • Dry Tree
  • Purple Coiled Curly
  • Umbra Pine Tree

Alba Plants

  • Yellow Pods
  • Glow Tree
  • Purple Drops Tree
  • Green Nanash
  • Green Cureleaf
  • Giant Viburnum
  • Mitella Aculeatus
  • White Bubblesedge
  • Yellow pod

Thetis Plants

  • Bladeleaf
  • Coral Palm Tree
  • Cruxia
  • Cyan Algae
  • Finleaf
  • Great Coral
  • Green Algae
  • Green Drops Tree
  • Green Seaweed
  • Pearl Pods
  • Pistillia
  • Red Seaweed

Mykon Plants

  • Cyan Spore Mushroom
  • Green Candleleaf
  • Impervious Spores
  • Long Humidicus
  • Luma Drops
  • Purple Candleleaf
  • Purple Typha Sprout
  • Slime Vine

Xeno Plants

  • Arctium Nivalis Tree
  • Big Purple Iris
  • Celestia
  • Wild Sweetbulbs
  • Violet Typhus Tree
  • Hairy Vervain
  • Garden Aster
  • Sunrise Blossom

Magmar Plants

  • Magmar Pine
  • Ixia Acuminata
  • Uvularia Rubrum Tree
  • Devil Thorns

Yuca Plants

  • Jangala Tree
  • Pepria Tree
  • Betula Opaca
  • Carcis Ocula
  • Orange Diveria (removed in 2.4.4 - drops Orange Wild Diveria when destroyed)
  • Purple Dropia
  • Red Iris
  • Shy Tulipa
  • Sun Tulipa
  • Cave Tree
  • Galvania Spicata
  • Teal Iris (removed in 2.4.4 - drops Cyan Thich Iris seed when destroyed)
  • Wildenia Grenia
  • Grenia

Cryo Plants

  • Frozen Tree
  • Arctic Spruce
  • Red Drops Tree
  • Aloysia Alata
  • Cold Pinata
  • Cotonia Gelata
  • Curious Cold Spores
  • Ice Spore Bulbs
  • Tilia Purpurea (removed in 2.4.4 - drops Red Faceted Iris when destroyed)

Lilith Plants

  • Cerulean Tuba
  • Cosmos Bush
  • Dark Cactus
  • Delicate Crystal Tubes
  • Elsa Bordata
  • Folico Tears
  • Litia Erborea
  • Lunatia Bulb
  • Red Quark Tree
  • Red Spore Mushroom

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