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Fishing is a feature added to the game in the 2.2 Summer Update. Fishing allows the player to catch fish and other items through the use of a Fishing Rod and a Lure or Bait. Fishing can be done in any liquid, and chances of catching different fish may vary from liquid depth, time of day, and lure. To cast a line into a liquid, the player must have a lure or bait equipped in their ammunition slot. Once the player has equipped a lure, select a fishing rod and tap or click anywhere on the screen to cast the line. The distance the line is cast from the player can be controlled by tapping or clicking different areas of the screen. Fish won't just appear straight away though, you will need to be patient. Once the lure sinks and stays lower than usual, a fish is biting. But be careful; Catch the fish quickly, as the fish might get away if you wait too long. Every fish you hook, including the fish that escapes, will consume one lure.


Once fish are caught, they can be displayed in Fish Tanks. Certain fish, such as the Mithril Fish, Lava Fish and bomb fish, will help you in your adventure. There are even fun specialty toy fish like the Flying Fish, and dangerous weaponry fish like the Sawfish. It's up to you to catch them all!

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