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This is a list of achievements found in Junk Jack, which supports Game Center.


ACH DirtyWork.png Dirty Work 5 pts
Destroy 100 dirt blocks.
File:ACH StoneQuarry.png Stone Quarry 5 pts
Destroy 100 stone blocks.
ACH PoorNature.png Oh No! Poor Nature 2 pts
Destroy 100 wood blocks.
ACH ExpertMiner.png Expert Miner 5 pts
Destroy 1,000 blocks.
ACH FanaticMiner.png Fanatic Miner 5 pts
Destroy 10,000 blocks.
ACH DevineMiner.png Divine Miner 10 pts
Destroy 100,000 blocks.
ACH NightyNight.png Nighty Night 2 pts
Craft your first bed.
ACH ThatsForge.png That's Forge! 2 pts
Smelt your first ingot.
ACH ExpertForge.png Expert Forger 6 pts
Smelt 100 ingots.
ACH Griswold.png Griswold! 15 pts
Smelt 1,000 ingots.
File:ACH FirstStep.png First Step 2 pts
Craft a craftbook. (no longer available)
ACH WorkingHard.png Working Hard 2 pts
Craft your first workbench.
File:ACH ComeGetSome.png Come Get Some! 2 pts
Craft your first weapon.
ACH LetsDig.png Let's Dig 2 pts
Craft your first shovel.
ACH MiningTime.png Mining Time 2 pts
Craft your first pickaxe.
ACH BeStrong.png Be Strong 2 pts
Craft your first hammer.
ACH WoodChopper.png Wood Chopper 2 pts
Craft your first axe.
ACH Bacon.png Bacon! 3 pts
Cook some pig meat.
ACH Crafty.png Crafty! 1 pts
You crafted your first item.
ACH SeriousTools.png Serious Tools 4 pts
Craft a stronger tool.
File:ACH Defender.png Defender 8 pts
Kill 100 enemies.
ACH Butcher.png Butcher 8 pts
Kill 100 critters.
ACH SkullKiller.png Skull Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 skulls.
ACH SlimeSquisher.png Slime Squisher 4 pts
Kill 5 slimes.
ACH SpiderKiller.png Spider Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 spiders.
ACH SheepKiller.png Sheep Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 sheep.
ACH CowKiller.png Cow Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 cows.
ACH PigSlayer.png Pig Slayer 4 pts
Kill 5 pigs.
ACH LetsBuild.png Let's Build! 2 pts
Place your first 10 blocks.
File:ACH BuildingManiac.png Building Maniac 6 pts
Place 100 blocks.
ACH WorldConquerer.png World Conqueror 10 pts
Place 1,000 blocks.
ACH SandboxMaster.png Sandbox Master! 16 pts
Place 10,000 blocks.
ACH MayaBuilder.png Maya Builder 10 pts
Place 50 mayan blocks.
ACH HellBuilder.png Hell Builder 10 pts
Place 50 infernal blocks.
ACH JungleBuilder.png Jungle Builder 10 pts
Place 50 jungle blocks.
File:ACH MushroomBuilder.png Mushroom Builder 10 pts
Place 50 mushroom blocks.
ACH LetThereBeLight.png Let There Be Light! 2 pts
Place your first torch.
ACH LotsofLight.png Lots Of Light 5 pts
Place 50 torches.
ACH Climber.png Climber 6 pts
Place 50 ladders.
ACH Fortified.png Fortified 5 pts
Place 100 stone blocks.
ACH StayOutside.png Stay outside! 4 pts
Place a door.
ACH Mushrooms.png Mushrooms! 3 pts
Discover mushroom biome.
ACH WhattheHell.png What the Hell? 6 pts
Discover hell biome.
ACH IntotheJungle.png Into the Jungle! 4 pts
Discover jungle biome.
ACH MayanRavings.png Mayan Ravings 5 pts
Discover mayan biome.
File:ACH EgyianRavings.png Egyptian Ravings 3 pts
Discover egyptian biome.
ACH WhewThatWasClose.png Phew! That Was Close 3 pts
Heal yourself near death.
ACH AppleFanboy.png Apple Fanboy 8 pts
Eat so many apples.
ACH Scrapbooker.png Scrapbooker 10 pts
Discover the whole craftbook.
ACH JustAnotherBlock.png Just Another Block 3 pts
Played for 1 hour.
ACH Addicted.png Addicted! 10 pts
Played for 10 hours.
ACH GetALife.png Get A Life! 15 pts
Played for 100 hours.
ACH Explosive.png Explosive 2 pts
Craft any explosive.
ACH Bomber.png Bomber 4 pts
Throw 50 explosives.
ACH PlentySpace.png Plenty of Space 10 pts
Craft a bottomless chest.
ACH SignWriter.png Sign Writer 5 pts
Edit 30 signs.
ACH Eggsellent.png Eggsellent! 5 pts
Cook 50 chicken eggs.
ACH Botanist.png Botanist 5 pts
Plant 100 saplings.
ACH SoftLanding.png Soft Landing 2 pts
Land on soft cloth.
ACH WorldEnd.png End of the World! 5 pts
Reach the bottom of the world.
ACH HeadClouds.png Head in the clouds! 3 pts
Reach the top of the world.
ACH Showroom.png Showroom 5 pts
Craft 50 shelves.
ACH StorageWars.png Storage Wars 5 pts
Craft 50 metal chests.
ACH Carnivore.png Carnivore 5 pts
Eat meat 100 times.
ACH Dumpster.png Dumpster 2 pts
Trash 50 items.
ACH GetStarted.png Get Started 1 pts
Obtain some wood.
ACH BoneCrusher.png Bone Crusher 5 pts
Kill 20 giant skulls.
File:ACH AngryBirds.png Getting Birds Angry 3 pts
Kill 50 birds.
ACH RabbitKiller.png Rabbit Killer 2 pts
Kill 20 rabbits.
ACH ZombieGrinder.png Zombie Grinder 3 pts
Kill 50 zombies.
ACH SkeletonWars.png Skeleton Wars 3 pts
Kill 50 skeletons.
ACH FledglingCook.png Fledgling Cook 2 pts
Cook 50 foods.
ACH AverageCook.png Average Cook 4 pts
Cook 100 foods.
ACH MasterChef.png Master Chef 6 pts
Cook 200 foods.
ACH Bartender.png Bartender 3 pts
Prepare all milkshakes.
ACH DessertLover.png Dessert Lover 3 pts
Cook all puddings.
ACH TrickOrTreat.png Trick Or Treat? 5 pts
Eat 100 candies.
ACH RoundChristmas.png Round Christmas 5 pts
Place 50 Christmas balls.
File:ACH BellsAndWhistles.png Bells And Whistles 5 pts
Place 50 Christmas bells.
ACH ColdAsHell!.png Cold As Hell! 5 pts
place 50 Ice Blocks.
ACH LetItSnow!.png Let It Snow! 5 pts
Throw more than 300 snowballs.
ACH FrostNinja.png Frost Ninja 7 pts
Throw more than 200 ice shurikens
ACH LightItUp!.png Light It Up! 5 pts
Place 50 Christmas lights.
ACH Beartastic!.png Beartastic! 3 pts
Craft a bear claw.
ACH IcyBlade.png Icy Blade 3 pts
Craft a ice sword.
ACH ChristmasInABox.png Christmas In A Box 5 pts
Craft a Christmas chest.
ACH You'reAStar.png You're A Star 5 pts
Place a hanging star.