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As of version 2.4.8 and the Steam Version, there are 109 achievements in Junk Jack X and Steam Junk Jack

Achievements List

ACH X Apple Fanboy.png Apple Fanboy 5 pts
Eat so many apples.
File:ACH X Eggsellent.png Eggsellent 5 pts
Consume 50 chicken eggs.
ACH X Goodnight.png Goodnight 1 pts
Craft your first bed.
ACH X Come Get Some.png Come Get Some 1 pts
Craft your first weapon.
ACH X Let's Dig.png Let's Dig 1 pts
Craft your first shovel.
File:ACH X Mining Time.png Mining Time 1 pts
Craft your first pickaxe.
ACH X Learning The Basics.png Learning The Basics 2 pts
Craft your first item.
ACH X Serious Tools.png Serious Tools 3 pts
Craft a stronger tool.
ACH X Master of Tools.png Master of Tools 7 pts
Craft a titanium tool.
ACH X Best Of The Best.png Best Of The Best 0 pts
Craft a Galvanium tool.
ACH X Showroom.png Showroom 5 pts
Craft a showroom.
ACH X A Book or Two.png A Book or Two 5 pts
Craft a bookshelf.
ACH X Make The Difference.png Make The Difference 10 pts
Encrust 10 items.
ACH X Animal Trainer.png Animal Trainer 5 pts
Craft a taming collar.
ACH X Demolition Man.png Demolition Man 8 pts
Craft 20 TNTts.
ACH X Make It Boom.png Make It Boom 5 pts
Craft a bomb.
ACH X Sticky Fingers.png Sticky Fingers 6 pts
Craft a sticky bomb.
ACH X Need More Space.png Need More Space 3 pts
Craft a wood chest.
ACH X Compulsive Hoarding.png Compulsive Hoarding 10 pts
Craft 50 metal chests.
ACH X Black Hole.png Black Hole 12 pts
Craft a bottomless chest.
ACH X Oh No! Poor Nature!.png Oh No! Poor Nature! 8 pts
Destroy 1000 wood blocks.
ACH X Expert Miner.png Expert Miner 6 pts
Destroy 1000 blocks.
File:ACH X World Carver.png World Carver 15 pts
Destroy 10000 blocks.
ACH X My Finger Hurts.png My Finger Hurts 25 pts
Destroy 100000 blocks.
ACH X Dirty Work.png Dirty Work 8 pts
Destroy 1000 dirt blocks.
ACH X Stone Quarry.png Stone Quarry 10 pts
Destroy 1000 stone blocks.
ACH X Treasure Finder.png Treasure Finder 10 pts
Break 20 treasure chests.
ACH X Up!.png Up! 7 pts
Plant a magical bean.
ACH X Bling Bling.png Bling Bling 10 pts
Place 50 gold blocks.
ACH X Safe Home.png Safe Home 0 pts
Place a simple door.
ACH X None Shall Pass.png None Shall Pass 3 pts
Place an iron door.
File:ACH X Time To Upgrade.png Time To Upgrade 8 pts
Place 95 wood windows.
ACH X A Nice Vista.png A Nice Vista 0 pts
Place 10 iron windows.
ACH X A Warmer Place.png A Warmer Place 4 pts
Place a fireplace.
ACH X Trapped In.png Trapped In 5 pts
Place 5 trapdoors.
File:ACH X So Comfy.png So Comfy 5 pts
Place 5 sofas.
ACH X Lay The Foundations.png Lay The Foundations 5 pts
Place 20 stone bricks.
ACH X Family Matters!.png Family Matters 5 pts
Place 8 roof tiles.
ACH X Another Brick In The Wall.png Another Brick In The Wall 6 pts
Place 50 clay bricks.
ACH X Noah Ark.png Noah Ark 7 pts
Place 500 wood planks.
ACH X Nuclear Meltdown.png Nuclear Meltdown 15 pts
Place 500 TNT.
ACH X Sign Me Up.png Sign Me Up 7 pts
Place 50 signs.
ACH X Light It Up!.png Light It Up 1 pts
Place your first torch.
ACH X Let There Be Light.png Let There Be Light 5 pts
Place 100 torches.
ACH X Supernova.png Supernova 10 pts
Place 1000 torches.
ACH X Working Hard.png Working Hard 2 pts
Craft a workbench.
ACH X Blacksmith.png Blacksmith 2 pts
Craft an anvil.
ACH X Time For A Better Home.png Time For A Better Home 2 pts
Craft a carpentry bench.
ACH X Construction Worker.png Construction Worker 2 pts
Craft a mason bench
File:ACH X Tailored To Fit.png Tailored To Fit 2 pts
Craft a spinning wheel.
ACH X Loom Of Fate.png Loom Of Fate 2 pts
Craft a loom.
ACH X Cooking Time.png Cooking Time 2 pts
Craft a cooking pot.
ACH X Oh Mama!.png Oh Mama! 2 pts
Craft a cooking ware.
ACH X Hot Stuff!.png Hot Stuff 2 pts
Craft a forge.
ACH X Tinker Tinker.png Tinker Tinker 2 pts
Craft a tinkerer's tools.
ACH X Roses Are Red.png Roses Are Red 2 pts
Craft a dying machine.
ACH X Leatherworker.png Leatherworker 2 pts
Craft the tanning tools.
ACH X Chemist.png Chemist 0 pts
Craft the chemistry bench.
ACH X Electrician.png Electrician 0 pts
Craft the electrician's bench.
ACH X Going Up.png Going Up 10 pts
Place 500 ladders.
ACH X Leap Of Faith.png Leap Of Faith 8 pts
Place 200 bridges.
ACH X Bone Crusher.png Bone Crusher 8 pts
Kill 50 skeletons.
ACH X Slayer.png Slayer 15 pts
Kill 1000 mobs.
ACH X Butcher.png Butcher 8 pts
Kill 100 critters.
ACH X Getting Birds Angry.png Getting Birds Angry 6 pts
Kill 50 birds.
ACH X Dawn Of The Dead.png Dawn Of The Dead 7 pts
Kill 50 zombies.
ACH X Fat Kills.png Fat Kills 8 pts
Kill 50 Belly Bobs.
ACH X Scorpion King.png Scorpion King 8 pts
Kill 80 scorpions.
File:ACH X Squishy Mess.png Squishy Mess 10 pts
Kill 200 slimes.
ACH X My Armor Is Better.png My Armor Is Better 10 pts
Kill 40 skeleton knights.
File:ACH X Gone With A Boom.png Gone With A Boom 10 pts
Kill 80 dynaslimes.
File:ACH X Where Are You?.png Where Are You? 10 pts
Kill 50 blind skeletons.
ACH X Arachnophobia.png Arachnophobia 10 pts
Kill 200 spiders.
File:ACH X Where Is My Barrel?.png Where Is My Barrel? 10 pts
Kill 20 gorillas.
ACH X Hard As Hell.png Hard As Hell 20 pts
Kill 80 demon obsidians.
ACH X Grilled Bears.png Grilled Bears 6 pts
Kill 50 bears.
ACH X Unhappy Feet.png Unhappy Feet 5 pts
Kill 20 penguins.
File:ACH X Kill Me Softly.png Kill Me Softly 5 pts
Kill 100 sheeps.
ACH X Milked To Death.png Milked To Death 5 pts
Kill 100 cows.
ACH X Bacon Factory.png Bacon Factory 5 pts
Kill 100 pigs.
ACH X Jack's Fried Chickens.png Jack's Fried Chickens 5 pts
Kill 100 chickens.
ACH X You Ripped My Hearth.png You Ripped My Hearth 25 pts
Kill 40 soul rippers.
ACH X Band Aid.png Band Aid 10 pts
Kill 50 mummies.
ACH X Deadly Cute.png Deadly Cute 10 pts
Kill 80 grumpys.
ACH X Oh Meow!.png Oh Meow! 5 pts
Kill 10 cats.
File:ACH X It Stings!.png It Stings! 8 pts
Kill 30 spiked.
ACH X In Cold Blood.png In Cold Blood 8 pts
Kill 70 worms.
ACH X It's time to die.png It's time to die 1 pts
You knew it would happen.
ACH X One More Time.png One More Time 5 pts
Die 10 times.
ACH X That's life.png That's life 10 pts
Die 100 times.
File:ACH X Death's Best Friend.png Death Best Friend 20 pts
Die 1000 times.
ACH X Death from Above.png Death from Above 10 pts
Throw 200 big bombs.
ACH X The Adventure Begins.png The Adventure Begins 2 pts
Welcome to Terra, your home world.
ACH X Arid Sands.png Arid Sands 4 pts
Travel to Seth, the Egyptian Gods Planet.
ACH X Living A Dream.png Living A Dream 8 pts
Travel to Alba, a beautiful place to live.
File:ACH X Hostile Lands.png Hostile Lands 16 pts
Travel to Xeno, the acid planet.
ACH X The End Is Near.png The End Is Near 32 pts
Travel to Magmar. Will you survive?
ACH X Are They Dead.png Are They Dead? 0 pts
Travel to Umbra, the spooky planet.
ACH X Spores Everywhere.png Spores Everywhere 0 pts
Travel to Mykon, the mushroom planet.
ACH X It's Cold Out There.png It's Cold Out There 0 pts
Travel to Cryo, the cold planet.
ACH X A Small Step For Jack.png A Small Step For Jack 0 pts
Travel to Lilith, the distant moon.
ACH X You Call This Archaeology.png You Call This Archaeology? 0 pts
Travel to Yuca, the ruins planet.
ACH X Under The Sea.png Under The Sea 0 pts
Travel to Thetis, the water planet.
ACH X End Of File.png End Of File 8 pts
Reach the end of the world.
ACH X Head In The Clouds.png Head In The Clouds 6 pts
Reach the top of the world.
ACH X Better With A Friend.png Better With A Friend 10 pts
Join a multiplayer game.
ACH X Do Your Homeworks!.png Do Your Homeworks! 1 pts
Play for 1 hour.
File:ACH X Plenty Of Time.png Plenty Of Time 15 pts
Play for 10 hours.
ACH X Get A Life.png Get A Life! 50 pts
Play for 250 hours.

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