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Chests are O-Items. There are different kinds of chests.
There are the ones that can be found and the ones that can be used:

Crafted Chests

When using a hammer on a crafted chest, it is disassembled for Jack to pick up, and everything inside is dropped on the floor.

Material Picture Number of Slots/Pages
Wood Wood Chest.png 12/1
Copper File:Copper Chest.png 24/2
Iron Iron Chest.png 24/2
Silver Silver Chest.png 36/3
Gold Gold Chest.png 36/3
Mithril Mithril Chest.png 48/4
Antanium Antanium Chest.png 60/5

Wood Chests

These are the basic, wooden chests that you can craft and store up to 12 different items in (1 page).

The chest can also sometimes be found inside other chests, pots etc.

Metal Chests

O-Metal Chests hold more items than wooden chests. The higher the level of ore, the more items a chest can store.

Rare Crafted Chests

New to version 1.0.4
The pieces of this chest can be in chests deep underground.
Once you find all 3 pieces you can put them together into a O-Bottomless Chest which has 72 item slots (6 pages).

Bottomless Chest.png

Found Chests

Chests can be found in caves underground, and cracked opened with a O-Hammer.
Different kinds of chests require that you use a O-Hammer above a certain level.
When broken you can recieve: O-Collectibles, O-Crops...

Basic Dungeon Chests

Name Picture Minimum O-Hammer Required
Wood Dungeon Chest Found Wood Chest.png Stone
Strong Wood Dungeon Chest Found Strong Wood Chest.png Copper
Gold Dungeon Chest Found Gold Chest.png Gold
Strong Gold Dungeon Chest File:Found Strong Gold Chest.png Silver (yes, I checked)
Diamond Dungeon Chest Found Diamond Chest.png Mithril

Biome Chests

These chests can rarely be found in their respective biomes.

Name Picture Minimum O-Hammer Required
Egypt Chest Egypt Chest.png Copper
Mushroom Chest Mushroom Chest.png Copper
Jungle Chest Jungle Chest.png Iron
Maya Chest Maya Chest.png Silver
Hell Chest Hell Chest.png Gold
Graveyard Chest Graveyard Chest.png Gold

Holiday Chests

These chests can only be found in worlds generated during their respective updates (1.2.2: Halloween, 1.2.3: Christmas, or 1.2.4: Valentines).

Name Picture Minimum O-Hammer Required
O-Christmas Loot RedPresent.png Wood
O-Halloween Chest Halloween Chest.png Stone
O-Valentine's Chest Valentine's chest.png Copper